Hispanic Safety Professionals

The Hispanic Safety Professionals (HSP) Interest Group advances professionals in the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profession through networking, collaboration, education, and mentoring.

We aim to help members of our community achieve their fullest professional potential and are dedicated to advocating for the unique issues facing Hispanic workers through outreach, research and community collaboration.

Our member community provides countless opportunities for our Hispanic members to connect with great resources and great people while engaging with each other on a global scale.

  • We offer education opportunities that members can immediately put into practice, as well as a wide range of leadership opportunities, to help our members develop to their fullest professional potential
  • We are dedicated to advocating for the unique issues facing Latino workers through outreach, research and community collaboration
  • With approximately 400 members, we provide a vast and supportive community for networking, collaboration and change-making

Become a Member

ASSP membership benefits OSH professionals across the full career continuum, whether you’re a student, young professional, seasoned manager or corporate leader.

Two member types apply for most safety professionals and those who work in related fields and occupations: member and professional member. Which category is right for you will be determined based on the information you provide on your application.

Through links below you can also apply for membership in local chapters, practice specialties and common interest group member communities such as HSP.

For more information contact vp@la.assp.org.