ASSP Los Angeles Chapter Webinar

Sep 02, 2020

  • September 29, 2020
    8:30 am - 9:30 am

Topic Opening Communication and Mentorship through Generational Differences

To any safety professional, the evidence is clear that attitudes toward work, professional development, and safety vary among professionals and workers from different generations.  While our finite goal to protect people, property, and the environment does not change, our opinions and approaches to accomplishing that goal often hinder our ability to move forward.  These conflicting views can cause lost interest in the profession, a stagnant industry, and ultimately an inability to reach our goals. However, it is possible to, rather than be defeated by infighting, leverage the differences among the generations to stimulate good working relationships and mentorship through open conversation and clear communication. Safety professionals and workers of all generations can work together to create an environment where both experience and innovation can thrive and propel us toward a safer and more productive workplace. This presentation will highlight the essential elements of communication, appreciation, and mutual respect in a productive relationship between professionals throughout the generations that will push us forward as an industry and help us save lives. It will use personal experiences and recognized examples of mentoring relationships to illustrate the discussed principles as living case studies.

Speaker Wyatt Bradbury, CSP, ASP, CHST, CIT

Wyatt Bradbury serves as a HSE Advisor for Hitachi Rail in Maryland. He has experience in aquatic and recreation risk management, electrical construction, powerline safety, rail safety, and safety consulting. Mr. Bradbury holds CSP, ASP, CHST, and CIT certifications from the BCSP and is pursuing a Master of Engineering in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management from the University of Alabama Birmingham. Wyatt Bradbury serves as the President for the National Capital Chapter, on the Education and Training Committee under the Council on Regional Affairs, on the planning committee of the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Conference and is a member of the Emerging Professionals Common Interest Group. Bradbury is a frequent contributor in Professional Safety Journal and can regularly be found speaking at professional development events across the country.

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