ASSE Membership Maintains Your C.S.P.

Aug 04, 2016

By Jay W. Preston, CSP, PE, CMIOSH

With the registration of safety engineers going or gone in California, Massachusetts, and some other states, the CSP designation is becoming more important than ever in establishing a recognizable degree of competence. With the granting of the CSP comes the obligation to maintain it by participating in the continuance of certification (COC) program. The same kind of program is now required of lawyers, doctors, teachers, and some other professionals by their boards or employers.

The CSP requires 25 continuance of certification (COC) points over each five year period of certification. Active membership in the ASSE is a good way to get a head start on nailing down the necessary points to keep that CSP and the prestige and recognition that it entails.

The BCSP awards up to two points each year for continued practice in the profession. That’s not too hard for most of us, but what about the rest of those necessary points? We can pick up a COC point for membership in professional organizations each year. We can pick up a COC point for a local office or two for a national office in a professional society each year. ASSE can certainly provide these opportunities.

For professional development classes and participation, ASSE can get us a COC point each year for the Professional Development Conference and a half COC point for each 4-hour program taken or taught.

An added bonus of ASSE membership is 1/4 COC point for each 3 hours of technical Chapter monthly meeting attended.

We all get the ten COC points for working. That’s a given.

So how can ASSE help us maintain our CSP? See how it works to get us the rest of the required fifteen COC points:

Activity: Points/year: Five year total:
ASSE Membership (If you’re reading this, you got ‘em): 1 5
ASSE Local Chapter Office (Takes a bit of work): 1 5
ASSE PDC Attendance (Takes money and time): 1 5
ASSE Chapter meeting attendance (6 per year) ½ 2 ½
ASSE Local (one day, 8-hr) PDC, (less money and time): 1 5
TOTAL from substantial ASSE activity: 4 ½ 22 ½

If we avail ourselves of just these ASSE opportunities for participation, we should finish the five year COC cycle with 22 ½ points.  Add in the point each year for continuing practice, and you are over the top.  So, keep those records, and it’s a cinch. Thanks to the ASSE membership. Mix and match. Show up for meetings. Go to a PDC (Atlanta in 2016). Take on an office. Take an ASSE one-day seminar or program. Active ASSE membership makes it easy to keep that CSP!